Transform your IT organization and increase productivity with reduced service outages

Get 50% increase in productivity, 96% faster recovery time and 70% reduction in time to resolve common issues. It is Digital Transformation improved and delivered with excellence.

Run2biz presents 4Biz Service Management platform
ITSM & Workflows Automation

Improve the results of your IT workflows

  • Transparency in the processes

  • More efficiency in management

  • Operational cost reduction

  • Faster responses from teams

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Employee & Business Workflows

Keep your team engaged and motivated

  • Avoid error and re-work

  • Daily routine automation

  • ERP’s integration

  • Indicators and Reports

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24/7 Services With Artificial Intelligence

Offer quick, automated responses

  • Learn from your customer’s experiences

  • Automate your services

  • Reduce operating costs

  • Consistent service quality

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Integration / Orchestration

Automate, integrate and solve

  • Integrate data from external systems

  • Create new features

  • Build new applications

  • Orchestrate and automate your business

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Self-Service Portals & Digital Workplace

Gather everything in one portal

  • Dashboards and reports

  • Knowledge base

  • Documents and service menus

  • Your digital workplace

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Intelligent automation of event management

  • Keep track during incidents

  • Fast responses in seconds

  • Autonomous data correlation

  • Predictive analytics

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Meet the needs of your business.

4Biz Service Management

It is the modern service management solution. It adopts the generation / creation of value, present in the current and global frameworks (Agile, ITIL4, COBIT, Design Thinking and Lean) that promote digital transformation as the center of the solution.


Virtual Assistant

It is 4Biz's virtual assistant that enables quick and automated responses. It is possible to present knowledge with Helper, it's also possible to learn from users' experiences, to provide quick and more accurate answers, intelligent surveys, answer questions and solve issues in real time through chatbot conversations.

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Low code development to create integrations.

Builder is the framework that facilitates the customization of the 4biz platform. It allows you to create forms and new applications using just drag and drop, which brings endless possibilities for customization of the platform without the need to use complex programming codes. It integrates and automates solutions tailored to the needs of each client. Work with data from the systems your company already uses and expand these capabilities with Builder, breathe new life into your legacy systems

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Workflow design tool

It is the great Digital Workflow enhancer on the 4biz platform, which integrates people and areas within a workflow that is easy to view and understand. Deadlines and actions in chains that promote and expand results and better experiences for customers, suppliers and employees.

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Digital Workspace

It is the Digital Workplace that concentrates access to all services of the company in a single portal, improving the journey of your user. With Center, your company can present information and knowledge, service menus, news, photos, videos, and more in one place.

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Agile Management

It is the Kanban of the 4biz platform. It allows you to easily organize and track team activities and is visually very attractive. With Tasker it is possible to select those responsible, view the deadlines and progress of each stage for easier management and agility in the operation.

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Artificial Intelligence for Operations Management - AIOps

Wiser controls IT operations through Machine Learning to deliver answers and intelligent solutions much more quickly. It has autonomous processes and allows dynamic correlation between events that promotes predictive analysis of scenarios and, working together with Helper, restores services from a virtual assistant, which optimizes time and money.

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All of these features work together for a single purpose: that you work smarter.


Smart work

Add efficiency to the daily work of your business and your customers’ businesses.

Optimize your business workflows

“We solved a contract management problem for hundreds of suppliers using the 4biz platform, which saved us millions of dollars in compliance costs.” - Emauri Gaspar - CoFounder, Run2biz


Let the robot do it

Combine technologies that manage, automate and accelerate the activities of your employees, teams and your customers.

How to add Artificial Intelligence to your company's routine

“4Biz natively brings Artificial Intelligence to customer service and AIOPS, allowing excellence in the management of the entire corporation.” - Vinicius Gravito - Solution Architect, Run2biz


Earn more

Maximize earnings by implementing digital solutions with the best ROI platform on the market.

Create your own solutions for simple or complex corporations

"The best cost benefit in the market. We managed to increase our partners' earnings while maintaining the same quality as similar tools." - Rafael Scalia, Director of Customer Success, Run2biz

Caring for the Run2biz team during Covid prevention times

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Run2biz has developed 4Biz Service Management Platform which is Certified in 16 ITIL processes by PinkVERIFY

See how Run2biz can promote smart work in your company.

AM: Asset Management AVM: Availability Management CAP: Capacity Management CHG: Change Management EV: Event Management FM: Financial Management IM: Incident Management ITSCM: IT Service Continuity Management KM: Knowledge Management PM: Problem Management SLM: Service Level Management REL: Release & Deployment Management RF: Request Fulfillment SPM: Service Portfolio Management SACM: Service Asset & Configuration Management SCM: Service Catalog Management

"Digital transformation is above all an evolution in the way of working, connecting people and digital resources, making management easier and interpersonal relationships more collaborative."

Ricardo Masstalerz
Run2biz CEO